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Stephen Yip

“Stephen Yip has an extraordinary way of creating a post-Darmstadtian modernism that incorporates his Chinese roots with a subtlety that gives us a vivid experience of the inner colors of an advanced spatial sense. It leaves us with a feeling of focused tranquility. He is a genuine voice in new music today.” (Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music […]

Andrea Portera

With a catalog of over 160 titles, Portera’s work explores the sound universe in an anthropological perspective, particularly in the connections that music generates between emotion and the unconscious: an extremely original production where the creative process is expressed through an “intuitive” identity even before being “stylistic”. His works have received acclaim and recognition from […]

Mateo Sepúlveda Ríos

Mateo Sepúlveda Ríos (Colombia, 1989) Colombian Composer and Conductor Guest composer of the Impronta Ensemble, his music has been played at the CafeBudapest Music Festival – Hungary, OggiMusica Festival – Swizerland, Festival Campos do Jordao-Brasil. He was selected three times by the Colombian National Association of Symphonic Music in its program “Plataforma 28”, in the […]

Emanuele Savagnone

Emanuele Savagnone began his musical studies as a child with violin and piano. He received his first composition lessons from Giovanni Piazza in 2008, and continued short thereafter at the Italian Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia under Matteo D’Amico. Among the most important experiences of these years was his participation (2006-2016) to the Juniorchestra of the […]

Kyungjin Lim

Kyungjin Lim (*1991 in Seoul) studied composition at Hanyang University (Collage of Music) and graduated with distinction in 2014. As a composer he accompanied projects of ARKO (Arts Council Korea) and the Daegu Contemporary Music Festival. His pieces are played by various orchestras and ensembles, including the National Hungarian Radio Orchestra, the Stockholm Chamber Brass […]

Eduardo Aguilar

Eduardo Ángel Aguilar Vásquez (or Eduardo Aguilar) was born on September 8, 1991 in the town of Ocotlán de Morelos, in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. He studied composition at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). His graduation thesis ” Autoreflection ” was distinguished with honors in October 2018, in which Eduardo investigates his […]

Salvatore Frega

Salvatore Frega, italian pianist and composer of contemporary and experimental music, was born in Cosenza on 29 September 1989. As pianist he participates in numerous national and European competitions including the competitions Città di Firmo, Altomonte, Taranto, positioning itself always among the first places. Participated as a guest of honor, in the year 2004/2005, at […]

Andreas Luca Beraldo

“Andreas Luca Beraldo’s great knowledge of the repertoire and musical culture gives him a natural authority that always makes his work with orchestras effective.” (Arturo Tamayo) Andreas Luca Beraldo studied orchestral conducting with Arturo Tamayo, Marc Kissóczy and Klaus Arp, choral conducting with Frieder Bernius, Georg Grün, Harald Jers and Christoph Siebert and school music […]

Christian Dachez

Christian Dachez (*1951) is a french composer and is currently living in the Normandy. After his compositional studies at the C.R.R. in Lille, he had studied trombone with Raymond Katarzinsky and orchestral conducting with Jean-Claude Hartmann in Paris. He concludes the theory of harmony, fuge and counterpoint with distinction at Yvonne Desportes. Furthermore, Dachez is […]

Kai Koch

Kai Koch (* 1986) studied music education at the „HfM Detmold“ and chemistry at the „Universität Paderborn“. From 2011 to 2012 he completed a master’s degree in organ with the cathedral organist Thomas Schmitz at the „Musikhochschule Münster“; from 2015 to 2016 also the artistic advanced training master “Interpretation der Chormusik” (choir conductiong) with Prof. […]

Jean-Christophe Rosaz

Born in the Alps, of a Swiss-French nationality and Italian-Argentinean origin, all this invite him to travel, meeting other cultures. Graduated of the Conservatory of Lyon in classical guitar and writing music (counterpoint, harmony and fugue), he obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Composition at the Conservatoire National de Lyon and then in film music […]

Alireza Farhang

The Iranian-French composer Alireza Farhang comes from a family of musicians and began studying music with his father at the age of six. He went on to study the piano under Emmanuel Melikaslanian and Raphael Minaskanian, as well as composition with Alireza Machayekhi at the University of Tehran. After successfully completing his university studies, he […]

Didier Rotella

Didier Rotella is both pianist and composer. He began his musical studies in Lille and at the Conservatoire de Tarbes  then studied at the Ecole Normale de Paris with André Gorog, Françoise Thinat, Anne Quéffelec (…), composition with Pierre Grouvel (CRR de Boulogne Billancourt) Corinne Schneider (Music History) and Edith Canat de Chizy (CRR de […]

Steven Hörner – Web Hosting and Layout

Steven Hörner studied psychology and bussiness informatics at the university of Mannheim. In C-Ausbildung at the catholic church he took lessons in conducting, organ play and music theory. Since 2015 he works as avocational church musician in Mannheim. Impressed by the variety and possibilities in new music he is working at Edition-Impronta UG in webhosting […]

Jörg Riebold – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Jörg Riebold, born in 1972, is a trained banker and risk manager at Landesbank Baden-Württemberg. For many years, he has been responsible for cash management in the development association of the Oststadt Theater Mannheim as well as in various church institutions. He has dedicated himself to music since he was 16, e.g. as a singer […]

Samuel Andreyev

Samuel Andreyev is a composer, poet, teacher and performer. His music is performed, broadcast, recorded and written about worldwide, and is known for its expressive intensity, adventurousness and enormous range of timbres. Resolutely independent, his compositional process is marked by a rigourous perfectionism, with many projects taking years to reach completion. Samuel Andreyev studied composition […]

Leo Marcus

Leo Marcus (born 1945 in Chattanooga, Tennessee) grew up in Hollywood and currently lives in Santa Monica. With a Ph. D. in Mathematical Logic from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, music was never his prime vocation. He has worked in academia and industry in various fields of mathematics, computer science, computer security, cryptography, and quantum […]

Alessio Elia

Foto: Andrea Felvégi © Described as an unicum in the compositional landscape of our times (Il Corriere Musicale) Alessio Elia has gained international recognition thanks to his Polysystemism, the simultaneous use of different tuning systems, discussed in many conferences and lectures, among them the one at “Centre de documentation de la musique contemporaine” of the […]